Teacher Collaboration Paper

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A research study from Goddard et al. (2007) illustrated that teacher collaboration was related to improved student achievement on standardized testing. The target population for this study was compiled of forty-seven schools in an urban school district. A total of 452 teachers’ surveys and 2,536 fourth grade students’ achievement scores were used. Demographically, 67% of the student sample population were on free or reduced lunch, 57% were black, and 48% were female.
The research design was an observational study employing secondary data analysis on student achievement and teacher collaboration surveys using Hierarchical linear modeling. Student demographics and achievement scores on the Metropolitan Achievement Test were obtained from the district office. Statistical controls were used for school social context, and student student’s academic and social backgrounds. A five-question Likert scale teacher survey on teacher collaboration was administered to randomly selected teachers in the district participating in the study.
Student demographic data showed student achievement was negatively associated with minorities and students on free or reduced lunch, but
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The author acknowledges limitations to the study resulting from the sample population being from a single grade level and school district and suggested future studies may want to examine data from a “broader range of social context, urbanicity, and grade levels” (Goddard et al., 2007, p.891). The study was able to suggest that teacher collaboration in schools promotes student achievement. An experimental study implementing teacher collaboration time and professional development in a school district and evaluating the effects on student achievement may be a promising next step for research on this
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