Teacher Communication Flaws That Can Hinder Students ' Learning

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Do you know what makes a teacher great? One of the most important qualities that teachers should have is good communication skills. Good communication skills are essential for students’ learning. There are several reasons why many teachers are not effective teachers. For instance, it can be a result of their lack of speaking ability when they teach, which include: their inability to keep an appropriate pace during lectures, their failure to speak coherently, their tedious approach to their lessons, and/or their inability to listen critically. For example, in the case of Helen Keller, although she was blind and deaf, she became a very successful student because her teacher Sullivan was an excellent communicator. In the following report, we will discuss some teacher communication flaws that can hinder students’ learning. The first type of flaw that we can identify in a teacher is referred to as a “quicker.” This type of teacher speaks too quickly. In doing so, many students get confused and struggle to learn and understand new information. If the teacher lectures too quickly, then students do not have enough time to follow the content or take notes. Personally, I had a teacher who was a “quicker” when I took an ESOL (English for speakers of other languages) class at Pasadena City College. Most of my classmates and I were international students, and we were not very good at English. At the time, my classmates and I could not understand what the teacher was teaching; and many
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