Teacher Education As A Teacher

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Teacher education is another factor in teacher attrition. Researchers report that the best and brightest among newcomers appear to be those most likely to leave due to the lack of support from institutions of higher learning (Curtis, 2012). By increasing the number of foundations courses may facilitate a smoother transition from college to the classroom (Schaefer, Long, & Clandinin, 2012). Administrative support is also a factor in teacher attrition. Administrative allowing novice teachers to be mentored by experienced teachers, provide time for peer observations, common planning times with other teachers in their subject, and creating networking opportunities for new and experienced teachers were found to help beginning teacher better manage the transition into the classroom. The opportunity to collaborate with other teachers and the support of the administration fosters teacher retention (Schaefer, Long, & Clandinin, 2012). One of the biggest challenges the United States educational system face is the miseducation of students of color. Students of color consistently underperform, when compared to their white counterparts on nearly every marker of student achievement (The National Assessment of Educational Progress, 2010). According to Watlington, Shockley, Guglielmino, & Felsher (2010) teacher attrition problems have been documented to have a negative impact on students that are at-risk, as well as schools districts that are labeled as low performing. Schools
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