Teacher Essay: My Worst Teacher

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During my high school years, there were several teachers that I encountered. However, there was one teacher whom I shall never forget. In fact, he would be very difficult to forget, even if he were only remembered for his size, for he was an enormous man. His name is Anthony Sweeney of “Sugar Butty” my third form math teacher. To this point, I never knew the exact reason for such name but all students referred to him in such manner. He was six feet five inches tall and towered over us like a giant and he weighed over three hundred pounds. I never discovered his exact age, but, he must have been no more than forty, even though his hair had turned grey relatively early on, and there was a smooth shiny bald patch on the crown of his head. But, it is not just for his size that I remembered him. In fact, one of the things with I remembered distinctively was his sudden change in temper. One moment he would be very jovial and pleasant to speak to in class, and the next he would shout violently at some timid student who was merely looking through the window or he would become very mean and impatient with his students. For these reason, he became my absolute worst teacher.
Most certainly, a student would be subjected to his ambush of abuse daily. We
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Sweeney’s bark was far worse than his bite in some instances; as many times, he demonstrated his generosity and kindness when he offered to buy breakfast or lunch for the less fortunate. However, his constant anger and aggression was evident daily; and there was no need to make him angrier than he already was. He also treated us as though we were incapable of learning and we were absolutely terrified of him. Hence, the entire year of math class was a nightmare as it was filled with humiliation and anger. So, I have decided in my profession career as teacher not to become like Mr Sweeney but rather provide an environment where my students can become the best at whatever their heart
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