Teacher Ethics Essay

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Comparison of overlapping statements regarding teacher ethics | Priority of Specific ethical disposition/protocol and rationale. | The professional educator makes a constructive effort to protect the students from conditions detrimental to learning, health, and safety. (AAE 2013)The professional educator should promote positive changes in the school/community that benefit the welfare of others.( COE- GCU 2013) | Priority: 1 I chose this Professional Deposition as number one because children are unable to recognize the situation is beyond their intervention abilities and their safety may be at risk. (Head Start, 2013)In all learning situations (classrooms): the total number of children in a class may not exceed the room’s capacity based…show more content…
| The Professional Educator continues professional growth. ( AAE, 2013)The Professional Educator will continue to grow professionally by participating in Professional Development protocols. COE-GCU Framework,2013 | Priority:3 I ranked this professional deposition at number 3 because it is important to realize that teachers should be committed to the profession of teaching and learning by being professionally active lifelong learners. (COE GCU-Framework 2013)Profession development opportunities should reflect the latest research in pedagogy and instructional strategy . (COE-GCU-Framework 2013) This increases teacher’s sense of self- efficacy and as a result the teacher’s motivation to learn new instructional strategies which are consistent ant to their beliefs and practices . Therefore raising the student’s ability to achieve in learning. | The professional educator complies with written
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