Teacher Expectancy Effect

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3.1 Teacher Expectancy Effect

When we discuss about the interactionist (or symbolic interactionist) view in the context of educational institutions, teacher expectancy effect would be one of the major areas affecting the growth and improvement of students both in academically and in extra-curricular, mentally and physically. In other words, teacher expectancy effect is something that ties closely to the social development of the students as a whole. Teacher expectancy effect is defined as “the impact that a teacher’s expectations about a student’s performance may have on the student’s actual achievements” (Schaefer & Lamm, 1995, p. 461). However, before we look at what teacher expectancy effect really is, it is crucial for us to
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Note that these classifications (“better”, “average” and “weakest”) were all defined solely by the teacher according to her impressionistic perception, with nothing whatsoever like a placement test. This categorization was also found to be based on the social classes of the students, whereby the “better” ones belong to a higher social class and the “weakest” one from lower social classes (Covington, 1992, p.140). Other researchers have also been carried out since then and the expectancy effect seems to thrive in all context of social life be it with university scholar at higher educational institutions or working adults at manufacturing company. This phenomenon has also been later coined as the “Pygmalion phenomenon” (Rhem, 1999).

3.1.2 Implications of teacher expectancy effect
Hence, after we look at all these case studies, we could conclude that the students’ academic performance is clearly tied to teacher’s expectation. In other words, the students who were deemed as “better” or “good” ends up achieving better also due to the higher expectation that the teacher was giving to them. These result, especially Rosenthal and Jacobson’s, demonstrated extremely powerful self-fulfilling prophecy on the part of the teacher. This is because when a teacher forms certain expectations towards their students based on whatever characteristics
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