Teacher Interview And Observation Of A Kindergarten Math Lesson Essay

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Teacher Interview and Observation The teacher interviewed and observed was Mrs. Linda Grill, she has twenty-eight years of experience. Her first ten years of teaching were at an inner city school in Los Angeles, where she said, “I was the only white person there.” For the last eighteen years she has been teaching a variety of grade levels at Aurthur Hapgood Elementary in Lompoc, current she teaches kindergarten. As I work at the same school as Mrs. Grill, I interview her almost daily, for the purpose of this paper the majority of the interview was completed two days before the observation. The formal observation of a kindergarten math lesson occurred on Friday September 16th at 10:10 am, immediately following the morning recess. Teacher Interview Summary Mrs. Grill was able to provide an abundance of useful information regarding her kindergarten class and also explained how she acquires this information, as many of her students are entering school for the first time. The students’ linguistic background is identified at enrollment, by the parents and the teacher is provided with and English Learner roster. The EL students are then given a formal assessment, by bilingual team and rated as either beginner, intermediate or advanced in their ability to speak and understand English. Content knowledge and skills are assessed at kindergarten registration and again at the beginning of the school year. The assessment consists of letter names and sounds, shapes, colors, rote

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