Teacher Interview Paper

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My first interviewee would give our local district a B but nationally would give schools a C+. She feels that our elementary provides good fundamentals, but the high school is not as rigorous as it should be. She feels that nationally there are some districts that cannot draw highly qualified teacher and that there is not an emphasis on academics. Her ratings were based on her own experiences when her children went through the district and from talking with friends and family who also work in the profession in other states. She feels that the amount of money spent on each student greatly affects the quality of each student’s education. Although, she does not know the current amount being spent on each child or the millage rate. Also she…show more content…
As far as she knows, she could join a watch dog group, talk with teachers and administration, and/or volunteer to understand how school receive money and pay debts. The only way she know how the school is spending their money is by their annual report. Her beliefs are that faculty, parents, and community members should have input on how schools spend their money.
My second interviewee would give Mulberry and the nation a B. She feels that Mulberry deserves a B, because she says her kids like it there and seem to be learning. Her grade is based on my personal experiences with my friends and going through the same school district when she was a kid. She feel that the amount of money spent on each child greatly affects their education. Although, she does not know how much money is spent of each student nor does she know the current millage rate.She is in favor for paying teachers more, placing more computers in the classrooms, fixing run down schools, adding more security, upgrading athletic facilities and band, choir, drama, and visual arts. She is opposed to lowing the class sizes and would be willing to raise her taxes $500 a year to pay for these changes. She believes that extra curricular activities should be paid for by the school. She also thinks that school district should get equal funding and that wealthy districts should only be allowed to spend the same as poor districts. She thinks schools is poor communities
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