Teacher Interview : Responsibility Of The Teacher Essay

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Teacher Interview: Responsibility of the Teacher Background information: K.N, age 33, undergrad degree in psychology. Teach children with autism. Completed graduate school at Nova South Eastern University. Majored in varian exceptionality. Began teaching at William H. Turner Tech in the year 2002. In 2006, K.N began teaching at Charles D. Wyche Elementary School. K.N is currently teaching 4th graders with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Furthermore, K.N has taught for approximately 15 years. K.N’s area of expertise is reading and science. Summary of Kevin’s Experience There are a surplus of areas, that a teacher should hold a swell amount of knowledge or experience in, in order to maintain a classroom. As a teacher, certain areas such as the curriculum, instructional techniques, and managing a class room, are important factors. During the interview, K.N answered questions concerning those areas as well as providing his insight on how he regulates his classroom. Moreover, with teaching for approximately fifteen years K.N’s views on his strengths in his curriculum area is coined to be balanced. At Charles. D. Wyche elementary school, there curriculum is more on a modified curriculum instead of standard. Due to the fact that K.N instructs children who suffers from autism, the curriculum allows for things to be broken down. At the school there is a program for the instructors who teach kids with autism,
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