Teacher Interview and Observation Paper

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Teacher Interview and Observation on Lesson Implementation
Theresa Flournoy
University of Phoenix/Axia College
EDU 310

At 1:00 p.m. I entered into Evoline C. West Elementary school on Thursday, July 12 2012 for an interview with Mrs. Yolanda Lawrence. As I entered the classroom, I was greeted by Mrs. Lawrence, the head teacher in this classroom. Mrs. Lawrence has no assistant at this present because of it being in the summer. After I entered into the classroom, the entire class welcomed me with “hello Ms. Flournoy”. It made my day to see all of those smiley faces greeting me. This was a 2nd grade classroom which consisted of 17 students of which 8 were girls and 9 were boys. This interview and observation was a total of 2
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Lawrence also started a lesson using an active board by having sample problems on it and students were called on random to answer the questions. The students seemed to respond to the lesson very well. There were some students who decided to have their own conversation instead of doing their lesson so Mrs. Lawrence call on the students to get their attention; however , they did not respond so she politely walked over to the group and said something to them and they stop talking completely. For the most part these students looked like they were having fun while learning. Many were helping each other count while some were holding up fingers. After this hour and a half of observation, I wanted to interview Mrs. Lawrence concerning on lesson plan development.
Teacher Interview on Lesson Planning
Theresa: I would like to know what format you use for planning your lessons?
Mrs. Lawrence: At our school there is no format; however, they must include certain things like objectives, materials/resources, hooks, etc.
Theresa: So how then do you decide what you are going to teach?
Mrs. Lawrence: We have a curriculum

Theresa: How do start off by planning a lesson and where do you start?
Mrs. Lawrence: When planning a lesson, I start with the objective. What is it I am supposed to be cover. Once I know, I start with a hook. I access their prior knowledge then I move on with either an example or model. All along I ask questions to make sure the students
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