Teacher Leadership, Supportive Communication And Collaboration

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In this paper, I will reflect on my new knowledge and skills that I have acquired regarding teacher leadership, supportive communication and collaboration. I will also reflect on practical application of these skills, such as assessing the needs, problems or issues, and creating the action plan to address the issues. In the end, I will define how teacher leadership can positively affect student learning and achievement.
Becoming a Teacher Leader During the first week of the course, my idea of leadership has changed. When I look back at the idea of teacher leadership I have always thought of “assigned, delegated, officially sanctioned leadership based on the authority of a formal position” (Dr.Ausburn, 2016a, lecture 2, slide 4). I did
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Hopefully, next school year we will create better environment for professional learning communities and utilize resources we have. My grade level team has already been involved in using data in decision-making and improving our instruction. However, our meetings lack protocols, clear objectives and goals. Dr.Ban (2016) defines protocols as “structured process that provide clear expectations in group work, allow everyone to feel that their input is valuable, build a sense of togetherness, and allow everyone a sense of control and input” (lecture 1, slide 1). With this new knowledge and skills, I could use it to collaborate with my colleagues to increase self-efficiency and guide our meetings. We will use protocols as building blocks in our work, then do force field analysis, defining goals and objectives, and after that we will identify supporting and restraining factors in the action plan. Following the protocols will help us focus on improving teachers’ instruction and increase students learning.
Communication and Collaboration
Supportive communication builds relationships and creates team spirit among faculty. Most of the time I use “horizontal supportive communication” (DeNobile, 2013, p.34) and support my colleagues by offering listening ear, encouragement, or just giving them praise. One way in which people offer support to one another is listening which conveys understanding, recognition, and
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