Teacher Perspectives for Response to Intervention Essay examples

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Teacher Perceptions of the Response to Intervention Model Introduction Response to Intervention (RTI) is a system-wide approach in general education to prevent and/or resolve lack of student success. RTI provides the framework and means to meet the needs of all learners, especially struggling learners, by using data-based decisions to identify the students, link interventions and instruction to their needs, monitor their progress, and make adjustments as needed based on an ongoing review of the data. Schools are restructuring to include the formation of data teams at the school and/or grade level. The team is responsible for analyzing achievement and behavior data, setting norms to determine expected growth for students, determining…show more content…
As the system coordinator for Response to Intervention services, I witness firsthand the frustrations teachers experience with this state mandated practice. One concern that has been shared with me is the lack of training that teachers are exposed to regarding implementing RTI. Teachers note that it appears to be a top down approach and little to no information makes it back to the classroom level. A second concern is how to find the time to implement intervention when there are strict guidelines to class scheduling, lack of funding, and no additional support personnel available, especially at the high school level. The intent of this study is to learn about teacher perceptions surrounding implementation of the Response to Intervention model. The focus will be on selected experienced teachers currently employed by the Valdosta City School system. The central questions to the study include but are not limited to the following: • What knowledge do you have surrounding implementing RTI in your classroom? • How is Response to Intervention practiced in your classroom? • What research based practices are utilized in classrooms? • How do you monitor a student’s response to an intervention? • What are some core issues with implementing RTI in classrooms? • What supports are in place to meet
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