Teacher Privacy Case Summary

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In the case study, the privacy of the teachers was violated. Workplace privacy entails the extent in which employers and/or other relevant stakeholders monitor and gather information on the communications, activities, and operations of the employees. The school officials installed two hidden video cameras in the office of the physical education teacher because they suspected him of stealing money from the students. However, the office was also used by other gym teachers to change their clothes. Therefore, although the intention of the school officials was justified, intruding the privacy of the other gym teachers was illegal.

While the hidden video cameras were used to monitor the activities of the physical education teacher, their use also
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However, the camera recorded and stored videos and images for thirty days. Therefore, since it’s unclear whether the video was viewed or not, there is a possibility that the video might have been viewed and probably copied to a flash disk. Additionally, if indeed the video was not viewed, then what was the purpose of installing the video cameras in the office? The teachers had the right to privacy and should be protected from unnecessary invasion of their privacy. The gym teachers used the office to change their clothes before and after gym sessions because the office was private (at least they thought so). Nevertheless, with the installation of the cameras without their consent, their privacy was…show more content…
Typically, the Fourth Amendment forbids individuals and entities from intruding into the privacy of others without their authorization. The cameras were used to ‘catch’ the physical education teacher stealing money from the students. But it went ahead to infringe the privacy of the other teachers sharing the office. In a nutshell, the gym teachers had reasonable expectations of their privacy, and the school officials violated their privacy rights (Kerr, 2013).


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