Teacher Reflection Essay

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B. Morning routine was done with attendance, I assisted student to do it correctly as students are still learning how to do their different jobs in the classroom, as well as assisting with lunch count. Students pulled homework out and the teacher and I made sure they did it correctly and explained to students that may have graphed word count wrong or had questions.
C. Every student had a copy of a book “We Camp”. As a class, we read the book having the students point to the words as we read out loud together. I walked around the class making sure students were following along as they should. The teacher discussed text evidence and had student find examples throughout the story.
D. I was able to teach phonics and blending to students on the whiteboard. I would write a letter on the whiteboard and have the class say its sound when I pointed to it, when we got to the vowel we would blend it together, then I would finish writing the word, then the class would say the word fast out loud. I would call on a student and ask if they knew the definition and expanding when needed. Teaching constant, vowel, constant (CVC) to the students explaining it is like an Oreo cookie or a sandwich. Circling the vowel and showing students how we mark short sounds over letters as well as long sounds and demonstrating with the words we had on the whiteboard.
E. Students were given a strip of letters in boxes and asked to cut them out and lay them on the top of their work area. Teacher would ask a
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