Teacher Relationship And Instruction

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Interpretation of Results The results from the survey revealed new insightful information from students in regard to the perceptions of the transition from middle school to high school. The survey was composed of five distinct areas that were overarching and broad. The goal was to use questions to discover the concerns and issues that eighth grade students might have. The categories were: social interaction, teacher relationships and instruction, academia, environmental factors and student safety. Each category brought interesting and new information. The study found that the area of teacher relationship and instruction was the highest area of concern as perceived by students in the study. The area of academia was another area of high concern for students. The study found the area of safety as the area of lowest concern by students in the study. The areas of environmental factors and social relationships while found to be areas of high concern scored well above the area of safety, but well below the area teacher relationships and instruction and academia. Teacher Relationship and Interaction The area of teacher relationship and interaction was an expected area of concern from prior reading and research. From the results, students placed it as the highest area of concern. This area was defined as the establishment of a warm caring environment that is conducive to meaningful learning coupled with teaching strategies that are motivational and expectations that are in range of
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