Teacher Resistance Can Cause Barriers When Implementing Technology in the Schools

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History of Resistance Technology is not a modern, 21st century word. Technology has been in our society, and our classrooms for that matter, for quite some time. According to Seattler (1990) integration of televisions into the classroom started in the 1950’s and has evolved to bigger and better things since then. When first introduced, televisions were given put in classrooms with the expectation that when turned on, teaching practices would be transformed and problems in instruction and student performance would be solved. This movement was met by resistance, as described by Cuban (1986); teachers were not willing to integrate this technology into their teaching practices. Not only were teachers untrained on how to use this new…show more content…
One must try an idea out, fail or succeed, then evaluate the effectiveness by analyzing the results. After this process, a decision about future activities can be made, and then taken through the same process. Once examined further, it is not merely a time issue, but also an educator comfort issue. If given a task of implementing technology with little or no training, then expected to transform student thinking in new and exciting ways, one cannot blame a teacher for feeling overwhelmed and perhaps resistant to doing so. The current system must be examined and addressed as technology is being poured into education at a fast rate, and districts must find a way to support teachers in this overwhelming endeavor of not only learning the technology, but learning to teach with it. Solution Number One Teachers must be trained in a new type of pedagogy, one that involves the use of technology. As stated by Cuban (2001) teachers end up using technology as means to mealy keep up with what they required to do, such as check daily messages from administration and keep grades, communicate with the staff, create letters to go home, and to create materials for their lessons such as handouts. Although this is a form of using technology, it is far from the desired use of using the given classroom technology for innovations in their teaching style.

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