Teacher Retention

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Research Question: What role does teacher recruitment and retention play in creating student achievement in urban schools?

What keeps teachers in the classroom, while others flee to “greener pastures?” What can we do to increase the holding power of the educational arena? The answers to these questions are unclear and multi-faceted. Creating a stable teaching force in the American public school systems is urgent and requires immediate attention. High turnover rates create instability in the American school system. An unstable workforce affects a schools ability to create coherent and progressive instruction across grade levels and make it difficult for schools to implement new, innovative, and lasting reform initiatives that
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They create the missions, philosophies, and visions that define their institution. It is essential that administrators are involved in the schools operational format. “Teachers crave effective principals who make a concerted effort to become personally involved in providing support for the teachers,” (Mihans, 2008, p. 763). Support is a fundamental issue that can cause a teacher to either run away from a difficult situation or stay and fight. This support is key for many teachers who work in difficult situations like urban districts. As previously stated many of these teachers are already working in schools with poor working conditions, but if they have a principal who is supportive and provides them with the backing they need then they are more likely to remain in their current position. Administrators can help retain teachers by providing them with constructive feedback. Regular feedback about a teachers’ performance and their abilities both in and out of the classroom are crucial. By nature, teachers are learners and thrive in an environment in which they can learn and grow. One way they can grow is through constant information about their performance. Administrators are the central catalyst of change. If they are not ingrained into every part of the schools organizational structure then change will not occur. They must create, “school structures that promote integrated professional cultures with time during
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