Teacher Shortage Is A Difficult Time With Teacher Shortages Essay

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The United States is currently facing a difficult time with teacher shortages. In North Carolina alone, 14.8 percent of teachers left the profession in the school years of 2014-2015 according to the Public School Forum (Barth et al. 23). Teacher shortage is a crucial topic to keep at the forefront of discussion because it affects the quality of education that students receive and, subsequently, the future of the United States. It is crucial for the United States to enhance student performance in order for the economy and our technological industry to continue improving. One factor that causes the teacher shortage are the different qualifications needed in order to get certified to teach in a certain subject. However, even after completing these qualifications, there have still been cases in which teachers are not being hired because they are either over-qualified or under-qualified. In addition to these educational barriers, North Carolina has some of the lowest numbers for teacher salaries which has led to a decrease of people desiring to enter into this profession and, as a result, those people choose to not major in education or move to other states to teach instead. After all this, it is very clear that one has to be passionate about working in the education profession. Unfortunately, even those who power through these first few hurdles, there are many negative factors that come into the picture as a result of remaining a teacher. Two possible solutions that can help the
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