Four Subcommittees: A Case Study

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highly effective teachers, low-income students are most likely to be taught by inexperienced teachers (Grissom, 2011).
Overall, high rates of teacher turnover have direct monetary costs and alter the distribution of teacher experience and skill across districts. Dr. Maxwell, the Superintendent of PGCPS formed a Transition Team from which four subcommittees were formed one being the Teaching and Learning Committee (TL). The TL examined research on professional literature to answer the question and determined that in order for students to receive the high-quality education that prepares them to succeed in post-secondary opportunities, staff members must have instructional resources and professional learning opportunities to build their capacities
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Area III, Professional Development referenced strengths currently in place across the district: year-round professional development (PD) plan for teachers and administrators, and an effective mentor program for new and resident teachers. Likewise, the TL also noted significant challenges that reduce the effectiveness of staff training: too often, it (professional development) is voluntary or scheduled at inconvenient times, schools lack sufficient time to plan and collaborate around PD initiatives, the limited central office staff cannot provide adequate services, especially in specialty areas, too often, there is no on-going support after training, professional development sessions and initiatives are not carefully evaluated to determine what is effective, and competing initiatives across different offices send mixed messages to schools and teachers. Area IV, Specialty Programs and Other areas noted challenges facing the school district to include the recruitment and retention of highly qualified teachers. The report noted a number of factors have contributed to challenges with recruitment and retention including salary and benefits that may not be competitive enough with surrounding districts, and limited supports available to teachers to implement high quality instruction. Additionally, inconsistent teacher evaluation procedures do not produce useful feedback or data. Based on the initial evidence from focus groups and document reviews, the Teaching and Learning committee members developed twelve key recommendations. A critical recommendation regarding teacher attrition was: (TL 11) assess or clarify the issues around the hiring and retention of highly qualified and high-performing teachers (Dukes These findings suggest that PGCPS must find better ways of retaining teachers. Prince George’s County Public Schools can no longer afford to be complacent about teachers exiting the
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