Teacher Turnover Is A Problem That Can Only Be Solved By Keeping Teachers

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A shortage of teachers in CTE is a problem that can only be solved by keeping teachers in the profession. Addressing teacher turnover is critical in Family and Consumer Science because CTE teachers are difficult to replace. The article, “Factors Affecting the Retention of Secondary Family and Consumer Science Teachers,” explains the results of a study in Kansas that looked at specific factors affecting the retention of Family and Consumer Science teachers. A major finding was that support from administration and student respect were important to teachers. FACS teachers also said they wanted to improve student performance and student engagement and incorporate new ideas into their classrooms. It was important to them to know that they were doing a good job. As as student studying to become a Family and Consumer Science teacher, this article interested me because it is a study about people in my desired career. The article provided insights to what people in my career are thinking about their jobs, where they would like to see improvements made, and how they feel about what goes on in the classroom. One fundamental idea is the level of education preparedness. The study found that teachers, in general, felt that educational preparation could be improved. There was no area of educational preparation that scored at the highest level. The areas where teachers felt that they were least prepared were using technology in the classroom, working with student organizations, and

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