Teacher and Student Learning Goals

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First, the focus of improvement should be placed on ways of improving teaching done by the teacher and learning performed by the student. This involves analyzing data via team planning, vertical planning, and PLCs. This data comes from demographics that is carried out two or three times a year. This sub-outcome of data analysis has only been tested a few times and needs to be implemented more. Further, teacher and student learning goals are set which reassure that the standards for teaching and learning match the standards and mandates of the school district. Additionally, instruction and interventions for student learning are reviewed and changed whenever it is deemed as necessary. While these developments are taking place, an important area that my school should focus on its job support. Job support involves the usage of model lessons, walk-throughs, and facilitators to instruct teachers how to teach. Many schools do not implement this plan of action; many schools, including my school, should use this plan because it is highly effective. Next, the second area of improvement is school support for collaborative professional learning. This outcome discusses the ability of the staff members which include the support staff, teacher staff, and the principle. Principal support is an outcome that needs improvement badly. The principal implements PLC's just fine but does not meet with its team members to give feedback or ideas of improvement. Moreover, teachers having the
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