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(Reading Test)

Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow.


Besides the earth’s oceans, glacier ice is the largest source of water on earth. A glacier is a massive stream or sheet of ice that moves underneath itself under the influence of gravity. Some glaciers travel down mountains or valleys, while others spread across a large expanse of land. Heavily glaciated regions such as Greenland and Antarctica are called continental glaciers. These two ice sheets encompass more than 95 percent of the earth’s glacial ice. The Greenland ice sheet is
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1. Glaciers exist only near the north and south poles. 2. Glaciers are formed by a combination of snow and other weather conditions. 3. Glaciers move at a rate of about 5 to 10 inches a day. 4. All parts of the glacier move at the same speed. 5. The glacial erosion creates rivers of ice.

Questions 6-10

In the box below are given the types of glaciers from A-F. Match the glaciers with the correct definitions numbered 6-10.

A. fjord B. alpine glacier C. horn D. polar glacier E. cirque F. surging glacier |

6. A glacier formed on a mountain 7. A glacier with temperatures well below freezing 8. A glacier that moves very quickly 9. A glacial valley formed near the ocean 10. A glacial valley that looks like a bowl Writing test Time: 20 Minutes Write an essay on the topic of your choice given below in about 200 words.

Children today spend more time watching television than they did in the past. Describe some of the advantages and disadvantages of television for the children.
People nowadays like to keep pets in their homes. Describe some advantages and disadvantages of keeping a pet at home for the owner, society and the pet animal?
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