Teachers And Students Fight For Students

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Teachers and students fight to understand the best way to tackle fractions. Many studies have explored effective tools, experiences, and strategies in which to teach students fractions. Many times educators are unsure how to provide meaningful learning experiences with a difficult concept, such as fractions. Students must be exposed to many different strategies in order to have a complete understanding of fractions, as well as have time to develop understanding and reasoning (Naiser, Wright, Capraro). Sometimes the expectation to reach district goals and master standards puts pressure on educators. As a result, teachers are influenced to seek ways to control student learning and tell students what they need to know without providing choice and rich experiences (Bandura, 1977). Educators can better their mathematical instruction by providing real-world connections, utilizing manipulatives, observing student learning, allowing students time to talk, reflect and problem solve. These strategies will allow students to build upon their understanding and knowledge of fractions and apply their learning to various situations (Naiser, Wright, Capraro, 2004). In order to create a variety of meaningful learning experiences many educators attempt to use mathematical manipulatives. Manipulatives have the power to make fraction lessons more active, motivational, and concrete (Naiser, Wright, Capraro, 2004). In addition, these tools allow students to learn by discovering. Manipulatives

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