Teachers And Teaching Strategies Have Changed

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Students have changed. Teachers and teaching strategies have changed. It has been an honor and pleasure, (most of the time) to be a teacher. Soon I will be starting a new career after 30 years in the education field. Many times I am asked by new teachers to give them advise on how to be successful. First, define success. Is sucess how many students pass the class? Is success how many of the students pass a state test? Is success the number of students who like their teacher? Success can be defined in all of the ways and more. Each person must decide how they will define sucess so that when they look back over thirty years in education they can feel good about how they spent their life. So, how do I define sucess? Success to me is seeing…show more content…
15 minutes. I promise 15 minutes once a week will change the students and could change their lives. How? Write them a note. Not text, not email, not verbal (though we need to do more of this) but a pretty card, envelope, and a stamp. Yes, stamp. We can buy them at the post office, Wal-Mart, and Costco. Here is the disclaimer, I am not getting paid by the United States Postal Service to write this article, I promise. However, if they would like to send me some free stamps I wouldn’t say no. A simple blank card that is handwritten to a student is unheard of today. Our culture has changed so much that children don’t run to the mailbox to see what has been delivered and is there anything for them. I remember feeling that joy and even now I get excited to go to the mailbox, even if it is bills. This first time that I realized I was on to a new discipline/motivation/guiding strategy was when I overheard a student telling the class, “I got a card from Dr. Dobson. Did anyone else? It was handwritten even. This was the first time I ever got mail!” The other students that had received cards chimed in and said that they had received one and the other students were wanting to know what was on the card and did anyone know if they would get one. My room became the ideal classroom, everyone wanted a card or another card. I had to start keeping a tally sheet to be sure that I didn’t leave anyone out or send an extra card to someone. It was great. I still hear from many of
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