Teachers Are Heroes Too.

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Dafne Bianchi
November 13, 2014
Research Paper Teachers Are Heroes Too “A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning”(BrainyQuotes). These are few of the many responsibilities that educators have. They inspire hope by making the students want to come back to class everyday. Imagination is ignited by the many different stories they share as the day moves along. Learning to love to learn is all based on how the teacher instills the material in the children’s hearts and minds. Teaching is more than a job it is a desire. Education is full of many different emotions, categories to teach in, and rewards or benefits. Emotions are one of the main factors in the career of teaching. Lauren Morris is a fairly new English teacher at Upper Sandusky High School. She has been teaching for four years. Morris shared that “it can be rewarding when the students ask questions or try to comprehend the information and work hard. When the light bulb goes off it is nice to see the ah-ha moment. Another rewarding part of teaching is when students’ grades are where they should be. It can be very frustrating when students do not work up to their capability or ask questions when needed or do not do as well on test because there is no effort put into it.” when asked for examples of the different emotions that go along with teaching (Morris, Interview). Making a difference is many educators goal. “If one wants to have a profound impact on people’s lives,…
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