Teachers As For Myself ( Future Teacher )

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Many teachers as for myself (future teacher), would say OOPS, because we get most of the answers wrong on the OOPS survey. When it comes to remembering things by repetition, drilling the subject matter over and over again was a common belief in the teaching world for students to memorize the content, for a prime example students who still are struggling with the concept of plus and minus still don’t understand the notion no matter how hard you drill them. Misconceptions about the world, can be overwritten by belief of a trusted teacher who doesn’t see the same way the student does, cant that counteract with factual information?. Students who are writers and students who are able to recall information by given clues in the text that is provided, wouldn’t that make a difference in the way they are able to test?
As shown above, my beliefs need some updating, based upon my experience as the student, on my own teaching methods and experience. Reflecting on taking the OPPS I was very surprised and startled by what I was getting right vs. what I was getting wrong. Now I understand my own beliefs and experience, based upon research, my answers would be wrong. I needed to look beyond the “little” world that I see and take into consideration the “others,” students who we are teaching. The society is always changing and research is always updating. As teachers, we need to constantly be expanding in our own beliefs and develop a better understanding of continuous knowledge in what we…
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