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Dear ESL teachers at U-Link CIC Shanghai, As a student who graduated from U-Link CIC Shanghai, I feel grateful for my four-year CIC careers, which brought me academic success – my English level was improved to a proficient level, which satisfied the requirements of American colleges. However, after studying in UC Davis for over a year accompanying with ESL writing courses taken every quarter, I found that ESL exams provided by CIC seem to have some imperfections: the writing section of the exams are not extensive enough to let students practice writing different styles of essays. In this letter I would like to analyze in details about how this form of exam would affect students, and some possible solutions I have come up with. As I remember, writing section occupies a significant amount of the total grades of the ESL exams in CIC. Other than writing, oral, listening and reading also contribute towards the total grades, but writing is the most significant part. Writing paper is an individual paper that asks students to write two essays out of six within two hours. The six prompts provided include two prompts for argumentative essays, two prompts for descriptive essays and another two about narrative essays. However there are no restrictions about whether students should pick up different types of essays, which means that students can definitely pick up two essays in the same category if they are good at a specific type of essay. This can be thought as a flaw: students can
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