Teachers Can Promote Motivation Among Students

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discovered that several children reported they read for fun, at least one to two times per week, scored higher on reading assessments, than the approximate 20% of New Zealand children that reported they did not ever read for fun (Chamberlain, 2008, as cited in Fletcher, Grimley, Greenwood, & Parkhill, 2012 p. 4). Previous research has supported the claim that teachers can promote motivation among their students regarding reading in middle and upper primary grades, when teachers select literature that involves a climax that is likely to peak the student’s interests and read aloud as a whole class setting (p. 9). Although several teachers and parents alike are not particular fans of students reading magazines, yet many teachers find…show more content…
Pressley, et. al., (2007) noted that Kindergarten and 1st grade students at Bennett Woods Elementary School had access to several decodable books as well as books that were deemed as excellent children’s literature quality (p. 229). In the primary grades, the student’s book boxes had an average of 10 boxes in them, which included books personally chosen by the students as well as class books that we used for specific subjects. In fourth and fifth grades, the students tended to keep their books in their desk and had several chapter books in progress at any given point (p. 229). When students read within the classroom, a discussion should follow, particularly due to the fact that the teacher can use this opportunity to elaborate on the material that was just read, as well as connect this with the student’s prior background knowledge. Teacher led discussions with students to increase the student’s interests with the text aids in increasing the student’s motivation to becoming engaged with the text (Fletcher, Grimley, Greenwood, & Parkhill, 2012 p. 8). When teachers choose material that students can relate to and that is involved with their everyday lives, adds to the level of student motivation (Guthrie, Wigfield, & Perencevich, 2004 as cited in Brozo and Flynt, 2008 p. 173). Bennett Woods Elementary teachers also led students in comprehension discussions or written questions both during the reading and after to
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