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Advantages: - Ability to make phone calls while away from a land-line phone. - It can be used as a mp3 player, instead of carrying around your mobile and your iPod or what ever type of music thing you have. Disadvantages: What are the use and abuse of mobile phone - Having to answer inconvenient phone calls, i.e., from your boss. - You can loose signal in different places depending on how close you are to signal things. Answer There are so many advantages of mobile phone on the human life like connecting people ,GPS,net surfing etc.but , it havs some disadvantages as well like it has pushed people apart from each other e,g instead of going to see the parents just call them and one does not need to go and see them so…show more content…
Falling phone and plan prices have made cell phones available to the masses and the development of so-called smartphones has given users even more power in the palms of their hands. While it is fairly easy to see the advantages of cell phones and smartphones, these devices are not without their disadvantages too. Availability Because of their portability, cell phones allow people to keep in touch constantly. This is a big departure from the days when work and home telephones were the only means of communication. Nowadays, you can reach anyone at any time of the day or night. This can be both an advantage and a disadvantage depending on how you look at it. It is advantageous because it allows you to make and receive important phone calls, such as emergency calls, anywhere. The downside is that it makes you available to everyone with your cell phone number, all the time. While you cannot stop someone from calling you, you can ignore the call if you do not wish to speak to someone. Cost Cell phones and smartphones themselves cost money, as does the monthly service. While this pricing model is no different from landlines, the phones and services are typically more expensive for cellular phones than they are for landlines. Many mobile service providers also limit minutes, which landline companies do not — at least not on local calls. One of the biggest cost advantages of cell
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