Teachers Must Be Life Long Learners in Order to Better Educate Students and Incorporate Technology

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Define Learner/learning/tapestry
The word, learner, implies person who is trying to gain knowledge, comprehension or mastery through experience or study. A learner sees the big picture and knows the desired outcome before beginning the task. A learner appreciates both the process of creating and the creation.

A teacher is a learner; thinking circumspectly and reflectively. A teacher uses the elements of design, good curriculum and solid instructional practices. Theses elements focus student education on problem solving, information using, communicating and collaborating, knowledge, and learning. A teacher understands techniques and uses them aptly. A teacher considers many scenarios and effectively prepares for the possibilities.
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Games can situate the learner in the context of the world and allow him or her to practice and play and learn through the context of the virtual world. Computer simulation games can give students worlds in which to test concepts and understanding. Simulations provide "toy universes" to practice and develop essential understandings and skills. Simulations allows student to play in the Vygotsky sense of the word. The play done in simulations allows the player to explore and learn in a safe but challenging environment. Simulations can offer students ways to acquire knowledge in an authentic medium that other forms of instruction does not offer. By immersing the learning the world, it allows them to think like a "doer". They may encounter disasters or setbacks that will force them to rethink their actions and decisions. This type of structure provides opportunities to promote the process of problem solving and strategizing.
Video game players incorporate problem-solving skills into all facets of their gaming experience. Gamers learn to make split second decisions based on discovered rules, to analyze situations, and to strategize long-term goals, so effortlessly players often do not realize it. Since children engaged in video games become successful learners,
We need to think of games as a trajectory to success.

Video games popularity has lead educational research to study the connections between learning and video

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