Teachers Never Accept Teaching Jobs

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Michael Roth Mrs. Sharon Biscardi English I Honors- 7th Period 23 October 2015 More Deserving More than half of the college graduates who are fully qualified to become teachers never accept teaching jobs (Haberman). Many find this very telling, as it shows that teaching is a career path that has become rather unwanted by graduates. This is understandable, since teaching has become a profession notorious for low salaries and poor treatment. As a result, teaching has become an underrated profession, and teaching is one of the lowest paying professions in America. The wages of most teachers should be increased to reflect their true value and performance. In today 's America, teachers must sacrifice a significant portion of their potential…show more content…
In recent years, the increase in teachers ' wages has slowed dramatically, to the point that it has essentially declined. "According to the National Education Association...inflation increased 3.1 percent over the past year, while teacher salaries increased by only 2.3 percent" (Study 9). As a result, the value of the US dollar has decreased, meaning that it takes more money to purchase products, while teachers ' salaries have not increased enough to compensate for this higher cost of living. Additionally, in some states, the average base salary of teachers simply increased less than it did in previous years (The Increase). Also, teaching is one of the lowest paying professions in America, as shown by recent studies. "The AFT, which uses data collected by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, maintains that teachers, at an average yearly salary of $44,367, lag behind accountants at $54,981, engineers at $96,238 and computer program analysts at $74,534. If additional summer pay were added to the computations, teachers would still earn just $49,438" (Silverman 16). This is unacceptable, and these trends showcase that America is moving in the wrong direction regarding this issue. Finally, teachers ' salaries are simply not reflective of their perceived value. Teachers are people
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