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Teachers Options There are many options open to teachers of deaf children in a variety of situations. In teaching deaf and hard of hearing children there is such a wide range of children, each with their own abilities. Each child also has a different family situation to take into account. Some children come from deaf families, some they are the only deaf family member, and some have no support from their families because they are deaf. There are also students that have family members that make an effort to learn how to best communicate with them, while some do only what they must to communicate the needed information. Along with this is the severity of each child’s hearing loss. Some suffer from only slight amount of hearing loss…show more content…
Teaching with Sign Language The most common educational teaching method for the deaf is to use a combination of both American Sign Language (ASL) and English in the classroom. The signing of the English language is called Pidgen Sign Language (PSL) or Signed Exact English (SEE). ASL is the accepted language of the deaf in America and the preferred method of communication for the majority of the deaf culture. It is a language of concepts instead of actual forming of sentences and has no relation to English. ASL has a “topic-comment syntax, while English uses subject- object- verb” (Nakamura, 2002). In this format, they are able to understand each other best, but this can also cause problems for education. The downside to ASL is that there is no use of sentence structure, so this is where a combination of ASL with English comes in the education picture. This system of bilingual teaching (Mason, 1995) with ASL and SEE teaches the children English, the language of the United States, but by using many of the signs of ASL. The students are taught with the signs and concepts of ASL but in areas like reading and writing, SEE and the grammar rules of English are learned and applied. Some teachers, when in a classroom like this, also use some aspect of voice along with ASL and SEE because many students have hearing aids or cochlear implants, surgically implanted forms of hearing assistance, and teachings of

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