Teachers Play An Important Role For The Future Of Adolescents

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Teachers play an important role for the future of adolescents. As a teacher it is our responsibility to provide the best material for the academic growth of students and create relationships that help their overall development. The middle level movement is focused more on the development of adolescents and not the just the academic growth. As teachers we have to prepare students for the real world by teaching the quality traits they need in order to be successful. The modern teacher has to create relationships with students. This builds trust with the student and the teacher. This will increase the students’ productivity and also increase the influence one can have on a child’s future. Schools in the past focused only on academics but…show more content…
Adolescents are also very emotional, and they begin to show more emotion because of the many issues and changes they are going through. As a teacher we have to inform them of these changes and be able to advise and promote positivity when dealing with their issues.

The teachers play one of the biggest roles in the middle school for the development of students. One of these roles is to find what is best for the students. This can be accomplished by teachers voicing their input with one another find what’s best for each student. An example of this would be the Think Tank method which is used at Whittemore Park Middle School. The think tank is when a group of teachers give their opinions and ideas on how to better the students. Once these ideas are presented the teachers put them into action to see how it effects the students. I love how these teachers are active within finding out what’s best for their students. An example of this could be one teacher noticing that a group of students are more engaged when they are involved in discussion. This teacher can relay the message to their colleagues and now they can implement discussions into their lessons. I feel that teachers are responsible for doing whatever it takes to provide students with the best opportunity to succeed academically.

As a teacher one must understand that their school has to be developmentally responsive, challenging, empowering and equitable. These
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