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During my time on the PGDE Course both in University based learning, and more evidently during my Professional Practise placements, I have come to realise the significance of reflection within the teaching profession. Not only does reflecting on best practise benefit the children’s learning but also increases the teacher’s confidence and ability in making decisions and delivering lessons. ‘Reflective teaching is a great deal to do with facing such features of ourselves in a constructive and objective manner which incorporates a continuous capacity to change and develop’ (Moon, 2004).
Since embarking on the course I now question my own actions and assess the best alternatives to develop my practise by taking constructive criticism from
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‘Reflective teachers need to be able to relate their findings to those of others and to consider results in the context of the current debates about educational issues’ (Pollard, 2008). Having a range of theorist’s viewpoints, tried and tested ways of teaching, and working with more experienced professionals has furthered my knowledge and understanding. I do not believe teachers are required to know everything there is to know about all subjects but will have more expertise in some subjects than others. The subjects and topics which they have limited experience in will require a professional commitment in order to research. This research ultimately builds teacher’s knowledge and understanding to plan more interesting and effective lessons. Curriculum for Excellence is allowing teachers more flexibility to organise and deliver the experiences and outcomes in a more effective way for learners. In delivering the various curricular areas I have become more confident in subjects which I felt less confident in at the start of the course.
I have found that through additional reading I am better equipped to question and suggest methods tried by others in professional disscussions. I found that attending In-service day training and Continued Professional Development (CPD) sessions has increased my knowledge and understanding allowing me to develop lessons which are more rewarding for the
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