Teachers, Reflections, Questions, Decisions Essay

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Teaching entails an analysis of these aspects, questions, decisions and reflecting on them gives me an idea that, to become a teacher one must reflect on all of its components. This essay will show just four parts from the unit that has been taught so far, Professionalism and ethics, strategies that can be used to motivate students, a positive classroom environment and proactive classroom management. What needs to be shown is how effective a teacher can be from the knowledge that they are given. Teaching- Some people will often comment about teachers “they do not do enough, they do not care”. What do teachers do? How do they make a difference? A teacher must make students wonder and make them question everything. They make them…show more content…
Such as mandatory training, where by law teachers are duty bound to report any incidences of abuse or misconduct. A teacher must at all time be responsible for the students in their care; this is from the Duty of care policy, (DoE, 2007). This policy states that the guidelines from reasonable care indicate that the duty is not that harm will ever occur, rather that it is a teachers duty to have a plan put in place to avoid it. A teacher must always think about the choices they make in terms of care for students. The policy is there for teachers to use care for the students, in the classroom and out of. Teachers also must behave ethically, meaning that they need to have confidentiality for the student by refraining from speaking out in public about their personal issues. As well as the teachers own personal lives. As Mcburney- Fry (2002p202) said: “Ethics are quite different to rules or laws. Laws are determined and enacted by parliament and are both enforceable and punishable…. Ethics however, are not enacted or enforced in our society. Ethics are a sense of beliefs in the “correct” or right way of doing things”. Ethics of a teacher can be summed up in five main attributes: respect, caring, integrity, diligence and open communication. Reflections- To have a proactive classroom a teacher needs to be organised and have the students being organised. This can happen by having morning jobs the students must
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