Teachers Students And The Learning Environment

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Teachers conducting action research in there class
Action research is a means through which an educator stays informed of the on going trends in education with specific interest in individual content areas or classroom management techniques. Teachers need to understand these trends to better serve the students. By participating in these research activities, teachers embrace change in pedagogical strategies and learn how to best understand their students and the learning environment. These in turn opens avenues for differentiated instruction. Differentiated instruction is a teaching strategy that varies teaching techniques depending on individual student needs to meet the student at their points of need. Meeting students at their points of need and teaching them required content based using the most appropriate method should be the sole purpose for every educator. Therefore, teachers should conduct action research in their own classrooms to be better educators.
Action research in classrooms can also yield new teaching and testing strategies.
Action research project
Problem statement, An action research statement that I have considered in the past is; effective classroom instruction in inclusion classes with students on the autism spectrum. It has been noted on the center of disease control website that the prevalence of autism and other autism spectrum disorder is increasing. Part of the data provided indicated that 1 in every 88 children have been diagnosed by a disorder on…
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