Essay on Teachers Taking Responsibility

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Time for Teachers to Take Responsibility

Identifying the problem. In today's society, many factors contribute to the academic failure in urban education. As time passes, however, schools and teachers are placing more blame upon the students for lack of potential, discipline, and motivation to learn. In reality, however, this scapegoat allows many teachers' to relinquish any responsibility for their students' not learning. Many students in urban schools live in poverty, have learning disabilities, or come from bilingual backgrounds where English is not their native language. When in this society did we start blaming the victim, or in this case the students, for not having the resources needed to nourish their bodies and minds, let
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Under the No Child Left Behind Act, schools and teachers have begun to feel great pressure to meet the national standards by "focusing their energies solely on preparing students to excel on standardized tests" (Guilfoyle, 2006). This especially affects students from lower income and minority groups, because they are more likely to be given a curriculum that is heavily based on drills and test practices. Furthermore, in fear of losing funding, some states, districts, and schools are using methods to improve their students' scores without improving learning, cheating students of a suitable education. In the article The Whole Child: A Framework for Education in the 21st Century, researchers found that these methods consist of "making test items easier and lowering cut scores," resulting in a watered-down curriculum (Laitsch, Lewallen, & McCloskey, 2005). Because of watered-down curriculums and growing achievement gaps, teachers have begun to have lower expectations for their students, especially from lower socioeconomic and minority groups. However, many teachers do not want to share in the responsibility of our failing educational system. Some find it easier to blame the children for their academic failure, such as teacher Dave Roscher who in an USA Today editorial titled For once, blame the students states, "Kids have convinced parents that it is the teacher or the system that is the problem, not their lack of effort. In my day, parents did not
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