Teacher´s and Learning and the Example of the Movie "Dangerous Minds"

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The movie “Dangerous Minds” was directed by John N. Smith in 1995. “Dangerous Minds” was a move to encourage teachers to never give up on the students. Giving students motivation and understanding will go a long way. The students in the movie were misunderstood and rude to all of the teachers. The past teachers had given up on the students but the current teacher, Ms. Johnson, did not give up on the students. Ms. Johnson incorporated a few learning theories that turned out to be very affective. As students struggle in the classroom, the teacher will aid and support each student in their Zone of Proximal Development. The teacher is able to give each student the opportunity to build any new knowledge with what makes more sense to the student using one of the learning theories. The movie “Dangerous Minds” is a movie based on a teacher with a challenging goal. The class consists of challenging students with a history of scaring away the teachers because of feeling that the teachers do not understand them or where they come from. The students were rude, disrespectful, had negative attitudes, and were not following the rules. The students came from low income families with the concern of surviving on the streets. The newest teacher, Ms. Johnson, wanted to give them hope and wanted the students to overcome their fears. The teacher was prepared with lesson plans with no structure, yet was expected to follow the curriculum. Ms. Johnson was warned once by the principle while trying

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