Teachers as Agents of Change

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Title: Using insights from the foundation disciplines in education, examine the extent to which classroom teachers see themselves as agents of change in their school. Discuss ONE way in which educators can become more committed to their role as change agents.
Reshma Rambajan
University of the West Indies

Many researchers have addressed the issue of teachers as change agents. According to Fullan, (1993), “change is in essence, learning to do something differently, involving adjustments to many elements of classroom practice and everybody is a change agent in quality education” (p.24). The question however arises as to whether teachers see themselves as change agents. Bansford, (2000) states, “teachers do not view themselves as leaders
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In order to operate efficiently, within this organizational environment teachers need to become, “knowledge workers”. A knowledge worker, according to Fredrick Taylor, is a person who has been trained to use systematically organized knowledge as well as a person who can make knowledge productive in systematic ways. These kinds of skills are of great importance to a change agent, and the knowledge that teachers need to use productively concerns the dynamic, as well as the proper problem – solving approach to planned change. It is only through such preparation that teachers can assume the role of change agent with the chance of being successful.
Specifically one way teachers can be committed to their role as agents of change is to foster a “health promoting school”. School policy and curriculum design provide a nurturing and culturally- rich environment in which children can fully develop their physical well-being, social confidence, emotional and behavioural maturity, language richness, knowledge kills and moral awareness.
The idea of the teacher as a change agent has roots in the progressive education movement and was first articulated in Dewey’s (1920) book, Reconstruction in Philosophy. The idea was put forward that society must be transformed and schools in general and teachers in particular can be the agents for this transformation. This philosophy points to the profile of a

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