Teaching 1st Grade Students How to Count Rationally to 15 Essay

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Teaching 1st Grade Students How to Count Rationally to 15 This essay will explore how I would teach a group of 10 first grade students to count rationally to 15 assuming that all of them are already able to count rationally to 10. I shall explain how I would ensure that students understand each of the four rational counting principles of one-to-one correspondence, the stable order rule, the order irrelevance rule, and the cardinality rule. I shall present an assessment I would use to evaluate student mastery of rational counting to 15. Finally, I shall discuss how I would adapt my instruction to accommodate English Language Learners (ELL) and students with learning exceptionalities. Rational counting means students apply all four…show more content…
I shall repeat this several times until I formatively assess students are transitioning smoothly from one new number word to the next without hesitation. 5) I shall then instruct students to chorally say the numbers in sequence without me modeling as I point to them in stable order. 6) The final step in establishing the “Stable Order Rule” will be to repeat each step of this process starting from the number 1 all the way to 15. One-to-One Correspondence would be the next counting principle I would address in the following manner: 1) I would place 15 dotes on the white board in an evenly spaced horizontal pattern. 2) I would explain to students that it is important to count each dot only once and by touching, marking, or moving an item as it is being counted will help the person counting not miss an item or count the same item twice by establishing one-to-one correspondence. 3) I would verbally model count the dots from left to right pointing to and touching each one as I said it following the stable order rule. 7) I would then ask students to repeat after me as I slowly count and say each one from one all the way to 15. This process will be repeated several times until I formatively assess all 10 students are confidently restating each number name including the new ones. 8) I would then have students count chorally without my modeling as I point to each dot along the line from left to right in order from the 1st to the 15th. I shall repeat

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