Teaching A New Generation Of Students

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Synthesis Paper 1 - "Teaching a New Generation of Students" We need to prepare students for THEIR future not OUR past – Ian Jukes The above quote by Ian Jukes resounds in the ears of our present day educators in the United States and around the world. Our world is rapidly changing due in part to the growth of technological innovations and the globalization of the world economy. However, how much of our educational system has changed to meet the demands of the 21st century? Are we preparing students for their futures instead of relegating the bulk of educational instruction to irrelevant methodologies? It is up to educators to forge new paths of instructional methods to best meet the needs of our 21st century learners. Why is there even a need for 21st century learning? Some educators would argue that the basic reading, writing, and math skills have been sufficient for students to begin their educational journeys, so there is no need to change. However, there is more evidence to suggest that the interconnectedness of our political, economic, and environmental networks necessitate the need for students to be able to collaborate, communicate and problem-solve with diverse people groups around the world (Saavedra & Opfer, 2012). The traditional methods of teaching are not having the same effect on the new generations of learners. The interconnectedness of our world has largely come about due to the rise of innovations in technology and the

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