Teaching A Pre Coaching Plan

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TRIDENT UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL LED 514 CASE #1 Keisha Holmes Leadership Growth Plan Introduction The purpose of this paper is to develop a pre-coaching plan that will address the goals of the session, the skills to be used, the method taken to conduct the session, and the questions I will ask. The paper will report the facts of the session and illustrate success and challenging areas. I will highlight the lessons I learned as well as areas where improvement is needed. This project will provide coaching to a coachee in the efforts of enhancing their professional and performance goals. Through my guidance and leadership is it my goal to assist the coachee in developing a plan of action to align his…show more content…
To better understand the goals of this session, it is imperative that I ask leading questions. Questions designed to bring out an underlying meaning. Questions can aid in the communication process, as it is a tool to generate the though process, enhance perception, and offers clarity and answers (Cook, 2009). During the Skype session, I must demonstrate keen awareness and take heed to any visible non-verbal indications, as observation is a necessary skill that coincides with communication. Paying close attention through thorough observation, I will be able to pick up on hidden clues that are usually omitted in the conversation. This will help me determine the behaviors of the coachee (Cook, 2009). The last skill I will use is guidance. The primary purpose of this session is to offer guidance to the coachee. According to Daft (2012), ?the attitudes and behaviors of leaders shape the conditions that determine how well employees can do their job? (Daft, 2012, pg. 422), therefore guidance and leadership will have a great impact on the coachee reaching his ultimate goal. Due to the fact that the coach and the coachee live in different parts of the United States, the coaching session will be conducted telephonic and Skpe face to face chats. During this session the following questions will be asked. What would you like to accomplish? What is the biggest obstacle? What do you believe the first step is to reach your goal? Are you willing to make sacrifices? What
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