Teaching A Sporting Session : The Australian National Football League

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According to the Australian Government Department of Health it is essential for your health and wellbeing to be physically active and limit sedentary behaviour in children, adolescence and adults. Those whom decrease sedentary behaviour through physical activity are more likely to improve their health and live an active lifestyle (Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour, 2014). As a nation, we all live and breathe sport whether that be Australian Football League (AFL), Soccer, National Rugby League (NRL), Cricket, Netball and so forth. Each individual has participated in physical education or taken part in a sport or physical activity. People see sport and physical activity pronominally as sport and physical activity although there is more to it. There are three main learning approaches that are somewhat similar but are often confused when teaching a sporting session. It is important to have a better understanding of these learning methods which are technical, tactical and organisational but are most commonly known as Traditional, Game Sense and Sport Education. Before we begin to participate in skill acquisition, sport or physical activity. Motor behaviour consist of three closely related disciplines; motor control, motor learning and motor development (Shea, Shebilske &Worchel 1993). Motor control is the study of behavioural and neurophysiological processing that affects the control of movement. An individual pursues motor learning through a process of learning

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