Teaching About Technology Within Nursing Programs

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to include Informatics competencies in all nursing school curriculum. Both U.S. accrediting bodies supported this position and updated their recommendations accordingly. Several grants are now able to advance faculty development programs to integrate the teaching about technology within nursing programs” (TIGER, 2008). Faculty development is essential for educational institutions to identify and implement for their teachers to be ready to design curricula particularly for the future needs. At the TIGER summit, objectives were created for multiple needs in education and preparation for changes. Examples such as, “Create programs and resources to develop faculty with Informatics knowledge, skill and ability and measure the baseline and changes in Informatics knowledge among nurse educators and nursing students” (TIGER, 2008, p. 3). Faculty at schools, whether diploma, undergraduate, or advanced degree programs, faculty training and education can be done to meet the needs of the present and incoming students.
Adopting technology into the classroom is a struggle when figuring out how to incorporate the multiple different forms into learning and activities. One of the challenges in this adoption is for faculty to have an understanding of the technology itself along with time to learn it before the integration is accepted and evaluated. Technology such as pod casting, texting, and simulation, are examples of the technology that is starting to be utilized. “An appropriate…
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