Teaching Adults : Teaching Learning

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Teaching Adults Assignment #4 Teaching is a very can be challenging regardless the age, and to teach adults I feel can encompass either ease or difficulty. According to Sigelman & Rider (2015), adult are seeking education beyond basic literacy skills. 33% of all college students were 25 years or older, while the number of older adults attending college is expected to increase as the overall population’s ages. For me as an adult student continuing my education was something I long to complete. Therefore I feel there are many ways to teach the adult. It takes often takes time for the returning adult learner to become reacquainted with the class room of adjusted to online learning. This is a twofold process the professors needs must be able to understand the demographics of their audience of which they are teaching. As an educator one must be able to reach everyone in some capacity. Often being the recipient of learning in the classroom and via online one needs to have a reason to be engaged in what and why they are learning. For example from my own experience, the need form of stimulating discussion and relating to what I am learning. If I am sitting in a class which is starting to sound like the teacher from a “Charlie Brown” special than I find myself thinking about how soon is the class over, rather than what the lecture is in reference to. A good educator will find ways to make a class stimulating, yet informative and relating to the class as best as they can. Today,
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