Teaching And Coaching As A Philosophy

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A philosophy can be defined as ‘a set of values and behaviours that serve to guide the actions of a coach’ (Wilcox and Trudel, 1998, p.41). By drawing from all facets of a person’s life, each is specific to the learner and distinguishes teachers and coaches from one another. It can be consciously developed as the professional, teacher/coach and student within education is exposed to a practice as well as other life experiences. It is believed that ‘clearly articulating one’s philosophy is a prerequisite to good practice’ (Cassidy et al, 2008, p.55) throughout this essay I hope to reflect on my increasing knowledge foundation in teaching and coaching and how it has successfully developed and been applied to my philosophy as a coach. I…show more content…
However, I disagree, as a coach I believe you must have specific sport knowledge to the sport in context but knowledge from a wider base to fully engage in successful practice of techniques which accompany a successful end result as well as being able to develop the athlete on a wider basis. This is supported by ‘the fact coaches work with fewer people and at a higher skill level does not negate the fact that they are engaged in teaching…skills, techniques and strategies’( Drewe, 2000, p.81) this coupled with the fact coaches tend to spend more time with athletes which means they too, also develop the fundamental domains of the athlete. For this reason I believe both roles are intertwined and provide basis for both to thrive from. In order to for me to be an affective coach I must take both concepts and make sure that I develop the child’s ability as well as other factors. A way I have developed as a coach is by exploring philosophies of coaching and in particular three core philosophical concepts, values (axiology), morality (ethics), and meaning (ontology). Values (axiology) can be split into two sources, which include value in both sport and coaching and more distinctly subjective and objective values. This is determined by whether a person is intrinsically or extrinsically motivated. Subjective values
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