Teaching And Improving Children 's Mathematics And Language

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Executive Summary This project of developing android app basically deals with teaching and improving children’s mathematics and language in more engaging and fun way. And the specialist app for the disabled students and children. This project involves development of two games and consists of totally two different teams for developing these apps. After the research students when exposed to classical music, their mathematical abilities are boosted and also even improves their physical development. The estimated time for the completion of this project is about 4 months. This report will analyze the project plan and provides the basic structure of the company and its employee by identifying all the main areas of the project. These new game will revolutionize the learning system. Senior managers believe that it will take about $310000 to complete the project which includes the pay for the project manager and the programmers • Introduction The Educational App Project is that project which consists of the two musical apps for children . Where one application will be a general application that aims to improve the linguistic and mathematical skills of the children whereas the other app will be designed specially for children with disabilities . There are many unfortunate children who do not have the privilege of going to school and learn . Some of their parent’s financial situation may be poor or some children are
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