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Welcome to the Teaching and Learning Center at Grantham University. This is the Student Code of Conduct Workshop. Academic integrity is at the cornerstone of all we do at Grantham. According to Grantham’s University Catalog (page 39 starburst) Code of Conduct “Academic integrity is the foundation of Grantham University’s commitment to the academic honesty and personal integrity of its University community.

Grantham University expects responsible behavior from students and strives to create and maintain an environment of social, moral and intellectual excellence. “

In this workshop, we will discuss some of the violations of the Academic Integrity Policy, the reasoning behind it and what you can do to avoid these violations.
• First, we will discuss Cheating – what it is and its consequences o What is it? Basically, cheating - which is often referred to as plagiarism when it comes to assignments that involve writing things such as reports, research papers, essays, etc. INSERT BULLET LIST OF TYPES OF PAPERS- consist of:
 Submitting another student’s work as my own or
 Submitting work from a website where the work is purchased
(insert appropriate image)

o Why is cheating not allowed and how can it hurt you as a student?
 Well, the when you cheat, you do not demonstrate your own knowledge and learning – IMAGE HERE
 Also, it is unethical and dishonest IMAGE HERE
 As you might imagine, when you do not complete your own work you are not meeting assignment requirements…
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