Teaching And Learning Language At Early Ages

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Introducing English as a Second Language to Early Primary School Curriculum in Saudi Arabia
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Salwa Alkhuzay
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Teaching and learning language at early ages is easier than learning it at older ages as Chiswick & Miller, (2007) emphasized in their study that proficiency in spoken English decreases with age. With that notion in mind, it comes as a surprise that the English language is introduced so late in the public school education curriculum in Saudi Arabia. Over the years as more Saudi students leave their home countries to study in English speaking countries, the demand for English speaking skills that are beyond just being conversation has increased. Students now need English not only for communicating and connecting with domestic and foreign cultures they encounter away from home, they also need the language to cope in academic settings, whether in understanding others when they speak or in speaking and writing fluently so others can understand them as well. Saudi Arabian educational curriculum should be doing much more to prepare their students for such opportunities.

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I. Definition of Key Terminology/ Background
II. Literature Review
III. Implications
IV. Table1: Additional Research on Introducing a Foreign language Programs at Elementary Schools
V. References

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