Teaching And Learning Language At Early Ages

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Introducing English as a Second Language to Early Primary School Curriculum in Saudi Arabia Candidacy Exam Salwa Alkhuzay @02686337 znzr@iup.edu solly440@gmail.com 412-706-1122 Abstract Teaching and learning language at early ages is easier than learning it at older ages as Chiswick & Miller, (2007) emphasized in their study that proficiency in spoken English decreases with age. With that notion in mind, it comes as a surprise that the English language is introduced so late in the public school education curriculum in Saudi Arabia. Over the years as more Saudi students leave their home countries to study in English speaking countries, the demand for English speaking skills that are beyond just being conversation…show more content…
In many countries non-native English speakers are introduced of English as a foreign language in public schools as a required subject beginning in early primary schools. In Saudi Arabia, in 1927 the English language was introduced at the secondary schools without a specific syllabus. In 1953, teaching English language was introduced at intermediate and secondary schools with a specific syllabus (Al-Subahi, 1989). For many years in Saudi education curriculums English courses were compulsory and started from middle school up to secondary public schools, the students’ ages from 11 or 12 attended intermediate level and at age 18 finish secondary level. Nevertheless, private schools in Saudi Arabia start teaching English as a foreign language from first grade onward, however, there are a lot of students who still find mastering English very difficult, and their performance is still weak. I certainly regret that this is the case; looking back over our schools I believe they should inspire the students early about the importance of learning English language for the sake of their future. In short, learning foreign languages not just for giving ways to communicate with people in other countries, has become important for those who want to study and get a degree or who want a good job in other countries such as United States, British, or Australia. Teaching English language to Saudi children will open up new
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