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To maximize the teaching and learning process faculty must make conscious multiple teaching methods to assist with the development of critical thinking. The use of multiple assessment techniques to monitor and evaluate the learning process support both formative and summative assessment. Evidence-based decisions will dramatically improve the learning outcomes. The American Nurses Association (as cited in Su, 2007) supports the application of the nursing process as the foundation of decision making and an effective tool to foster critical thinking. Application of the nursing process is threaded in the course and learning outcomes. These learning outcomes provide a basis for selecting appropriate teaching strategies and for designing…show more content…
Influencing factors for the outlines policy include (a) a lack of attendance is detrimental to educational success, (b) The New Jersey Board of Nursing mandates that in order to be eligible to sit for NCLEX all hours must be successfully completed, and (c) under Title IV funding, students with absences exceeding 10% of the clock hours in a disbursement period would be ineligible to receive federal funds, and in such case would be administratively withdrawn from a course.

Course Assignments and Evaluation and Grading
The assignments for this course include four quizzes worth 10%, one final exam worth 50% and class participation worth 10%. Exams are paper/pencil. Prep-U assessments are computer based. There is no practicum associated with this course. This course includes a mandatory presentation assignment. This project must be a presentation on one of CAM therapies. A grading rubric is utilized to assess successful completion of the project objectives. Both formative and summative evaluation will be provided. Formative assessment provides the student the opportunity to improve performance during learning, while summative evaluation allows the student and instructor to determine if course objectives and expected outcomes are conducted through observation, exams, grading rubrics.

Assignment and Evaluation Summary:
4 Quizzes
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